Peniglen Sniper

Peniglen Sniper

Breed: Labrador
Price: £350.00

Health Screenings:
Blue RossetteEyes
Blue RossetteHips
Blue RossetteElbows
Blue RossettePRA
Blue RossetteCNM

At Stud Peniglen Sniper (Kennel Name Peat) Black Labrador Retriever, (D.O.B 2.1.2010).Hips 7 - 9, Elbows 0 - 0, Clear BVA Eye Certificate (Also Clear of MRD). DNA Test Clear For:- PRA Clear, CNM - HMLR Clear. This is Peat - Peniglen Sniper, our newest edition - at stud. He is the most calm and cool dog, who enjoys his training sessions and generaly enjoys everyday life. He is a real character, who possesses all of the natural traits that is required for gundog work. Sire: FTCH. Levenghyl Isle of Aaran. Dam: Resurve Inter-Counties Team Member, 3x 2nd Place In Novice Working Tests amp Winner of Many Other Awards, Swaine Paiju of Peniglen He has a good nose, good hunting skills and is a natural game finder. He always puts thought into his work and remains steady at all times. He is bold and brave when working in heavy cover, and has not been fazed by anything. Peat is of your more traditional look of labrador, and is stocky with a nice broad head. His coat is straight with no kinks or curls.

Telephone: 01776870597
Created on 21 Feb 2013

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