Peniglen Sniper

Peniglen Sniper

Breed: Labrador
Price: £450.00

Health Screenings:
Blue RossetteEyes
Blue RossetteHips
Blue RossetteElbows
Blue RossettePRA
Blue RossetteCNM

Available At Stud Peniglen Sniper Kennel Name (Peat) Proven Sire, Dominant Black. Hips 7-9 Elbows 0 BVA Clear Eye Certificate MRD Clear DNA Test Clear For:- PRA - Clear CNM - HMLR - Clear The Pedigree Lineage of our Stud Dogs each contain between forty and fifty of the top British, Irish and International Working Field Trial Champions, Field Trial Winners and International Gundog League Champions. Each pedigree has been carefully chosen for their genetic qualities of, health, strength, intelligence temperament, breed standards working abilities. Peniglen Stud Dogs are all D.N.A tested or are assured through hereditary parentage, to be Normal/Clear for: PRA - (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), CNM - HMLR (Centro Nuclear Myopothy). The importance of using a stud dog that has been tested Normal/Clear, is that even if it is mated to a bitch that carries one or more of the above genetic conditions, there is an 100 guarantee that NO puppies born to the mating would ever develop the conditions: PRA, CNM - HMLR. Peniglen currently has five dogs available at stud, all of our stud dogs are available at short notice. To view our stud dogs or for more information just click on the website link. **NEWS UPDATE** Peniglen Labradors have introduced a loyalty scheme where bye regular users of Peniglen Stud Dogs will receive a discount on their fees. Where a customer uses a Peniglen Stud Dog for a second and subsequent times on any bitches owned by them, then they will receive a discount of £50 off the normal fee. This is a permanent offer. You can now pay your stud fees by Cash - Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Telephone: 01776870597
Created on 21 Feb 2013

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